Diablo III Servers Fail on Launch

Diablo III – a highly anticipated game, created by the Blizzard, the same game company that created the highly renowned World of Warcraft – has some issues on it’s first day – the servers are down, and even when they come up for what seems momentarily, they crash.
It has been over a decade since the release of the last game in the series, Diablo II, which was released in June of 2000, but that couldn’t prepare the company for the overflow of gamers seeking a new addiction and the feeling of video game nostalgia.

Many players are reporting that they’ve gotten some play time in. However, as it is the day of release, and many gamers are coming home from school and work around these times, the servers are most likely flooded from fellow gamers from logging on.

Some gamers state they can’t get on at all, while some have been able to get in some game time. I, personally, have been able to log in for a total of 5 minutes or so – just enough to create a character. Once i got passed that screen, I got the option to start my story. With a smile equipped on my face, I hastily pushed the “Start Game” button, only to receive an error. The error stated that I my online game configuration wasn’t allowing me to join a game, since none could be found. I tried a few more times, searched through the menus looking for such an option, checked my Battle.net account for such options, but I came up empty with answers. The error in question? Error 317002.

At this point in time, myself and other gamers are becoming antsy as the server problems are rectified.

In order to check server status without logging in, gamers can check the following website:

The aforementioned website checks the status for all servers: Americas, Europe and Asia, and even checks the Auction House servers, too.

However, to put it in perspective, gamers waiting for this high anticipated game have been waiting well over a decade for this installment, so waiting a little bit longer isn’t so bad overall. Hopefully such server problems are ironed out, and don’t become a consistent issue.

Aside from the error reported in this article (Error 317002), there are an array of other errors that other gamers are getting when attempting to play Diablo III. For the best results to rectify these issues, or understand them, a simply search on a search engine can shed some light on the issue.