New World Rare Cooking Herbs Guide


If you’re a person who is into crafting, there are chances that you’ve already found several uses for herbs. It’s worth noting that herbs play an important role in the early game content, and by that, I mean, to level up your arcana and cooking skills for new world herbs.

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The one thing that players are often curious about is the special resources used while cooking. For instance, Basil, Garlic, Cinnamon, Paprika, etc., are quite rare to obtain while harvesting new world herbs.

Rare Herbs

Cinnamon is a rare herb that can be gathered from various harvesting spots in the game. You can find several herbs scattered across the starting zones on Aeternum, and to be more precise; the grassy areas in every zone for new world spices. Whenever you harvest one with the help of your sickle, there will be a random chance to obtain rare herbs.

Once you get one, you can insert them into different cooking recipes, precisely the second item slot. These herbs play an important role in the game as you receive additional cooking experience from them.

Every region in the game has different herbs to offer with different rarities (including new world hyssop). For instance, the coastal regions to the south have a better chance of obtaining Cinnamon. Whereas, Brightwood and Everfall are good for Basil, Windsward for Ginger, Everfall for Garlic, and the far eastern zones for Mint for new world spices. If you’re looking to obtain a specific herb then you need to travel around the settlements and look for them at the trading post.


Do you want to locate some decent areas to harvest herbs? The best suggestion would be to check outside the settlements. For instance, the First Light’s settlement has several herb spots that lead to Dayspring Mills. There are also fields that surround the Monarch’s Bluff, Everlook, and Windsward settlements. Simply look for tall blue and purple-looking grass that can be harvested.