World of Warcraft Frost Mage Leveling Build

What is the best Frost Mage Leveling Build? This question has been asked by scholars and knowledge seekers since the dawn of time! Well…maybe not the dawn of time…but for a long time. In this installment of articles about the best leveling builds for World of Warcraft classes, we look at the Frost Mage. Frost has long been the popular choice for leveling due to its survivability, farming applications, and the control it gives to the user. A lot has changed since day one for frost mages, let’s take a look at the best frost mage leveling build out today!

Cookie Cutter Build

Since the Frost mage has so many options, and frankly almost every talent in the Frost tree is good, I’ve gone to level 30 and left the rest up to you. It’s purposely customizable, but one thing is for certain. These are the best talents to have while leveling up in World of Warcraft if you’re a frost mage. I’ve leveled 2 mages with various different builds and this one beats them all.

Improved Frostbolt is a much have. This increases your mobility while you’re casting as well as makes you a lot more efficient while spamming it on the target running at you. .5 Seconds doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s often the difference between an extra Frostbolt which may or may not be crit, giving you the edge.

Shatter is a great talent because it gives that much-needed Burst damage to the Frost Mage’s Arsenal. Fire is more known for the powerful burst, but with Shatter, you can do just as much as a Pyroblast if the time and situation are right. Plus, you’ve got the chill effect and other movement impairing abilities to save you. Fire doesn’t have near the control

Ice Shards is great because it increases all of your Frost Spell Damage. This is basically a given. Also though, it boosts Shatter’s damage by a lot. If you truly look into this, it’s very interesting how you can spec a Frost Mage so that most of the talents will interlock and sync up with each other. It’s this that makes any given Frost Mage Build great.

Frost Channeling will decrease your downtime, thus increasing your leveling efficiency. It’s a great talent to have and is often underestimated by new Frost Mages. Elemental Precision is there for those mobs you’ll have to solo while doing quests that are a teeny bit higher level than you. You’re going to come across them if you’re soloing, and you’ll want to be prepared.