How to Level Up Combat in Runescape

Have you ever wanted to be level 80, 90, or even level 100 on Runescape? If so this guide is for you. This is a guide on how to get your combat level up on Runescape. In the process you will get your attack, defense, archery, magic, and prayer! Continue to the next paragraph to learn how.
Your combat level goes up if you gain levels in attack hp etc. Your hp level goes up if you gain levels in attack, defense, strength, magic, prayer and archery. The higher your combat level the better you are. It’s that simple. To learn how to get high combat levels continue to the next paragraph.

The best class to start out on Runescape as is a warrior. This does not mean you can not have high levels in magic archery etc. the equipment you need to use this guide is a scimitar, at least enough runes to cast 100 spells, and a bow and 100 arrows. Now go to Lumbridge across the bridge where the goblins are (you can fight barbarians in barbarian village if you are a higher level).You are always going to start out by training attack. Fight them as long as you can until your health starts getting low or until you have gained 5 levels in attack. Then go get some food and train 5 levels in defense. Next train 5 levels in strength. The reason we go in 5 level increments is that we always want to keep our levels relatively even. In the next paragraph I will explain how to get your magic level up.

The best way to get your magic level up is to fight lesser demons. Now this type of demon is a very high level so the only way to fight them is to have one that won’t attack you. The only place where one won’t attack you is in the wizard’s tower where one is behind bars. Now attack this monster time after time until you reach 5 magic levels up. Then go on to the second to last step.

In this paragraph I will teach you how to get your archery level up. The easiest way to level up in archery is to attack low level scorpions. Go to the desert east of Lumbridge and go to the top of the scorpion pit. Attack scorpions until you have gained 5 levels in archery. Continue to the final step to learn how to level up your prayer.

To level up your prayer all you need to do is collect the bones from all of the monsters you kill and bury them. So whatever you do bury all of your bones. In turn if you complete the whole process your prayer will level up an average of 5 times. This method is an easy way to level up in prayer.

Now that you have learned how to level up attack defense etc. the combat leveling up will come naturally. Thank you for reading this article and I hope it helps you allot.