Ten Amazing Role Playing Games for Console and PC

Role Playing Games, or RPGs for short, are some of the most addicting games to play, be it on consoles like the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, or on the PC. Most RPGs are set in fantasy worlds, but many new games have been in sci-fi or alternative reality settings. Check out these top ten RPGs today!
Kingdom Hearts (Series)
Kingdom Hearts is one game that truly puzzles me. Few gamers would expect a hardcore RPG gaming community to accept, nay, embrace a role playing game with Disney characters. Still, Kingdom Hearts is undeniably one of the more popular RPGs for console fans, complete with a excellent story that keeps players coming back for more.

The Legend of Zelda (Series)
Who hasn’t heard of Zelda (and Link)? This scrappy elfish character has been the hero of Nintendo RPG fans since the early days of gaming. Most memorable for me was the Legend of Zelda game for Nintendo 64, with excellent graphics (for its time) and wonderful, innovative gameplay.

Diablo (Series)
Blizzard is perhaps best known for its blockbuster hit, World of Warcraft, and, amongst RTS fans, for Starcraft (1 amp;2). Still, hardcore PC gamers all know about the Diablo series of PC RPGs Some have called them a “clickfest”, but dedicated fans will eagerly clamor to support the Diablo games. Much darker in setting than most console rpgs, the Diablo series features a more Tolkien or Warhamer-style of dark, medieval series.

Mass Effect (1 amp; 2)
Bioware, the producer of the Mass Effect games, have created an excellent set of RPGs. The Mass Effect games are set in a hardcore, sci-fi universe and follow the exploits of Colonel Shepherd and his specialized crew.

Fallout 3
The Fallout series of games is one with an immense following and the transition to a new developer for Fallout 3 led to much consternation. However, Fallout 3 turned out to be an excellent game and a favorite of many PC gamers. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, Fallout 3 follows a character emerging from the vaults, a series of forts protecting the inhabitants

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Oblivion was also made by Bethesda, the same company behind Fallout 3. Oblivion, originally for PC, was one of my favorite PC RPGs of all time. The graphics were outstanding, the quests challenging, and the dungeon exploration enthralling. Definitely one to check out!

Chrono Trigger
Chrono Trigger is one of the most famous console RPGs of all time. Original versions of the game still sell for large amounts of money on eBay and in select game stores. Released for the Super NES in 1995, Chrono Trigger received rave reviews and stands as one of the original classics in RPG gaming.

Final Fantasy (Series)
Just about every RPG gamer has heard of the popular Final Fantasy series, by Square Enix. The series has also spawned a series of spin-off games, including the awesome Final Fantasy Tactics (I loved the one for GBA, played over 100 hours on it!) and an MMORPG. The series is ever evolving, adding new characters and stories in every new game.

Pokemon (Series)
Pokemon is one of those games that just won’t fade away. Originally released for the Gameboy, it has since evolved into a huge array of different games, all set around characters capturing, training and battling with their Pokemon monsters. Pikachu, I choose you!

Ultima (Series)
Ultima has faded from many gamers memories, but it still stands as one of the top RPG series for PC games, albeit many years ago. It is still alive in the form of Ultima Online, but hasn’t changed much since then. Still, the huge number of games released under the Ultima banner, and the importance of the series for the PC market remains astounding.