New World Rare Cooking Herbs Guide


If you’re a person who is into crafting, there are chances that you’ve already found several uses for herbs. It’s worth noting that herbs play an important role in the early game content, and by that, I mean, to level up your arcana and cooking skills for new world herbs.

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The one thing that players are often curious about is the special resources used while cooking. For instance, Basil, Garlic, Cinnamon, Paprika, etc., are quite rare to obtain while harvesting new world herbs.

Rare Herbs

Cinnamon is a rare herb that can be gathered from various harvesting spots in the game. You can find several herbs scattered across the starting zones on Aeternum, and to be more precise; the grassy areas in every zone for new world spices. Whenever you harvest one with the help of your sickle, there will be a random chance to obtain rare herbs.

Once you get one, you can insert them into different cooking recipes, precisely the second item slot. These herbs play an important role in the game as you receive additional cooking experience from them.

Every region in the game has different herbs to offer with different rarities (including new world hyssop). For instance, the coastal regions to the south have a better chance of obtaining Cinnamon. Whereas, Brightwood and Everfall are good for Basil, Windsward for Ginger, Everfall for Garlic, and the far eastern zones for Mint for new world spices. If you’re looking to obtain a specific herb then you need to travel around the settlements and look for them at the trading post.


Do you want to locate some decent areas to harvest herbs? The best suggestion would be to check outside the settlements. For instance, the First Light’s settlement has several herb spots that lead to Dayspring Mills. There are also fields that surround the Monarch’s Bluff, Everlook, and Windsward settlements. Simply look for tall blue and purple-looking grass that can be harvested.

World of Warcraft Engineering Levelling Guide


Professions have been split between the factions, and every expansion has a separate skill bar. The following guide is for players trying to train their Vanilla Engineering profession of the World of Warcraft retail version. The materials used in this profession are often based on one skill point per craft. However, this situation won’t occur, so you are not required to buy any extra materials during your levelling journey. In this guide, we will show you the fastest and cheapest way to level up your Engineering profession from 1 to 300. So, fasten your seat belts because we are about to begin!

Approximate Materials Required

60 x Rough Stone, 36 x Copper Bar, 20 x Coarse Stone, 20 x Linen Cloth, 107 x Bronze Bar (54 Copper Bar + 54 Tin Bar if you have the Mining profession), 2 x Tigerseye, 30 x Heavy Stone, 60 x Wool Cloth, 15 x Medium Leather, 4 x Steel Bar, 120 x Solid Stone, 161 x Mithril Bar, 20 x Mageweave Cloth, 40 x Dense Stone, 195 x Thorium Bar, and 25 x Runecloth.

How to locate the Engineering trainers?

Engineering can be learned from one of the trainers located in the central cities of Azeroth. In case you have any trouble locating the trainers, you can walk up to a city guard and ask them the precise location. Doing so will pinpoint the location with a red marker on the map.
Horde Trainers – Roxxik in Orgrimmar, Engineer Palehoof in Thunder Bluff, Danwe in Silvermoon City, and Franklin Lloyd in Undercity.

Alliance Trainers – Lilliam Sparkspindle in Stormwind City, Springspindle Fizzlegear in Ironforge, and Tana Lentner in Darnassus.

The Engineering Tools

The tools that are required to craft most of the Engineering items are; Blacksmith Hammer, Archlight Spanner, and Gyromatic Micro-Adjustor. You can purchase the Blacksmith Hammer from an Engineering or Blacksmith supply vendor, Archlight requires level 50 in the Vanilla Engineering skill to craft, and Gyromatic Micro-Adjustor required level 175 in the Vanilla Engineering skill to craft.

A Gnomish Army Knife is a good suggestion to save up some bag space. The reason is that it replaces the above tools, so you won’t have to carry any of the listed items. Aside from that, it also replaces Jeweler’s Kit, Runed Copper Rod, and Virtuoso Inking Set. You can either buy an Ultimate Gnomish Army Knife from the Auction House, craft the same after learning Draenor Engineering, or craft the normal variant after learning Northrend Engineering.

Levels 1 to 100

You can start with crafting Rough Blasting Powder (Rough Stone) till level 30, and then switch to Handful of Copper Bolts (Copper Bar) till level 50. However, you will need to purchase a Blacksmith Hammer from an Engineering or Blacksmith supply vendor, located near your respective trainers. You won’t need one if you have a Gnomish Army Knife. Now, start crafting Rough Copper Bomb (Rough Blasting Powder and Handful Copper Bolts) till level 75, and then craft Coarse Blasting Powder (Coarse Stone) till level 90, and finally switch to Coarse Dynamite (Coarse Blasting Powder and Linen Cloth) till level 100 in this engineering leveling guide.

Levels 100 to 160

You can start by crafting Clockwork Box (Bronze Bar) till level 113, and then switch to using the Clockwork Box till you reach level 125. Now, craft Flying Tiger Goggles (Bronze Bar and Tigerseye) till level 130, and then make Heavy Blasting Power (Heavy Stone) and Whirring Bronze Gizmo (Bronze Bar and Wool Cloth) till you reach level 150. Also, you will need both the items later, so save them. Finally make Bronze Framework (Bronze Bar, Medium Leather, and Wool Cloth) till you reach level 160 Engineering in this engineering leveling guide.

Levels 160 to 216

You can start with Explosive Sheep (Heavy Blasting Powder, Whirring Bronze Gizmo, Bronze Framework, and Wool Cloth) till level 175, and then switch to Gyromatic Micro-Adjustors (Steel Bars) till level 176. Moving on – make Solid Blasting Powder (Solid Stone) till level 195, and Mithril Tube (Mithril Bar) till level 200. The following profession has the option to specialize in Gnomish or Goblin Engineering at level 200. The quests can be obtained from your respective trainers, and the only difference between both factions is their respective teleporters and the abilities of their trinkets. Finally, craft Unstable Trigger (Mithril Bar, Mageweave Cloth, and Solid Blasting Powder) till you reach level 300 in this wow engineering guide.

Levels 216 to 300

For the last levels in this wow engineering guide, you can start by crafting Mithril Casing (Mithril Bar) till you reach level 238, and then switch Hi-Explosive Bombs (Mithril Casings, Unstable Trigger, and Solid Blasting Powder) Till level 250. Move forward with making Dense Blasting Powder (Dense Stone) till level 260, and then switch to crafting Thorium Widget (Thorium Bar and Runecloth) till you reach level 285. Finally, end your journey by crafting Thorium Tubes (Thorium Bar) till you reach level 300.

World of Warcraft Frost Mage Leveling Build

What is the best Frost Mage Leveling Build? This question has been asked by scholars and knowledge seekers since the dawn of time! Well…maybe not the dawn of time…but for a long time. In this installment of articles about the best leveling builds for World of Warcraft classes, we look at the Frost Mage. Frost has long been the popular choice for leveling due to its survivability, farming applications, and the control it gives to the user. A lot has changed since day one for frost mages, let’s take a look at the best frost mage leveling build out today!

Cookie Cutter Build

Since the Frost mage has so many options, and frankly almost every talent in the Frost tree is good, I’ve gone to level 30 and left the rest up to you. It’s purposely customizable, but one thing is for certain. These are the best talents to have while leveling up in World of Warcraft if you’re a frost mage. I’ve leveled 2 mages with various different builds and this one beats them all.

Improved Frostbolt is a much have. This increases your mobility while you’re casting as well as makes you a lot more efficient while spamming it on the target running at you. .5 Seconds doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s often the difference between an extra Frostbolt which may or may not be crit, giving you the edge.

Shatter is a great talent because it gives that much-needed Burst damage to the Frost Mage’s Arsenal. Fire is more known for the powerful burst, but with Shatter, you can do just as much as a Pyroblast if the time and situation are right. Plus, you’ve got the chill effect and other movement impairing abilities to save you. Fire doesn’t have near the control

Ice Shards is great because it increases all of your Frost Spell Damage. This is basically a given. Also though, it boosts Shatter’s damage by a lot. If you truly look into this, it’s very interesting how you can spec a Frost Mage so that most of the talents will interlock and sync up with each other. It’s this that makes any given Frost Mage Build great.

Frost Channeling will decrease your downtime, thus increasing your leveling efficiency. It’s a great talent to have and is often underestimated by new Frost Mages. Elemental Precision is there for those mobs you’ll have to solo while doing quests that are a teeny bit higher level than you. You’re going to come across them if you’re soloing, and you’ll want to be prepared.

How to Stay Occupied on World of Warcraft Private Realms

A lot of people that play World of Warcraft are very interested in playing on private test realms. Sometimes they even gather up groups of friends from the real World of Warcraft realms, or the ones that you’re required to pay for, and then start playing on private test realms as an alternative. There are definitely a few advantages to playing on these test realms. For one, you get what you want, and you get it fast. This can be both good and bad. What good is having the best equipment, for example, if everyone else has the same or better?
A lot of people prefer to play on test realms just for the fact that playing on test realms doesn’t require you to pay for a World of Warcraft subscription to blizzard. Legally, you’re supposed to purchase the full retail version of the game before even playing on these test realms, but many people find ways around it and prefer to just get the game from a friend and make an account on a private test realm.

So, you may be wondering how private test realms even stay interesting, if you start out so high and you can get through the game so effortlessly. The majority of the players on the Blizzard servers spend a lot of their time farming great gear, grinding, questing, gaining levels, and running through instances for drops, experience, or to make friends.

If you’re either already given all of these things on the private test realms, or can obtain them so easily, what do you do once you have all of this done? It’s obviously going to be pointless to continue running through these instances once you’ve hit the level cap and already have all of the best epic gear you can get.

What many people don’t realize, is the fact that there is a ton of content on private realms besides just leveing and running through instances than what appears to be. Most private test realms in World of Warcraft are based around the PVP aspect of the game. In the Blizzard servers, pvp is completely dull compared to the pvp action that goes on in well populated private WoW test realms. Since everyone can obtain their levels and gear easily, they’re able to pvp all the time, which is the part of the game that most people tend to like best.

There is pvp action almost everywhere in most test realms. You can raid stormwind. Attempt to make it into the undercity, since the population of players there will be much lower in test realms. Really, there is no limit as to what all you can do on a test realm. It’s amazing how great it is once you really get into it.

You haven’t experienced anything until you play on a PVP server and have both horde and alliance members in your guild. Communicate with everyone. Kill people and then rub their face in it!

Running instances and heroic dungeons is still extremely popular. A lot of people do this for quests to get their legendary equipment. Of course legendary equipment quests and farming is going to be extremely popular, since almost no server allows players to get these godly equips for nothing. However, most of the high tier epics are easy to get.

PvE is still even somewhat popular on these realms. A lot of realms require PvE to get the gold you need to buy equipment and upkeep your character’s repairs and what no. You’re really going to need to do PvE on any server, however the majority of private test realms aren’t based around PvE, all PvP.

I still would recommend at least giving private test realms a chance. I prefer them greatly to the normal Blizzard servers, for the reasons I’ve listed. Get involved, keep up with what’s going on in the world, and it’s pretty easy to spend hours having a great time!

How to Level Up Combat in Runescape

Have you ever wanted to be level 80, 90, or even level 100 on Runescape? If so this guide is for you. This is a guide on how to get your combat level up on Runescape. In the process you will get your attack, defense, archery, magic, and prayer! Continue to the next paragraph to learn how.
Your combat level goes up if you gain levels in attack hp etc. Your hp level goes up if you gain levels in attack, defense, strength, magic, prayer and archery. The higher your combat level the better you are. It’s that simple. To learn how to get high combat levels continue to the next paragraph.

The best class to start out on Runescape as is a warrior. This does not mean you can not have high levels in magic archery etc. the equipment you need to use this guide is a scimitar, at least enough runes to cast 100 spells, and a bow and 100 arrows. Now go to Lumbridge across the bridge where the goblins are (you can fight barbarians in barbarian village if you are a higher level).You are always going to start out by training attack. Fight them as long as you can until your health starts getting low or until you have gained 5 levels in attack. Then go get some food and train 5 levels in defense. Next train 5 levels in strength. The reason we go in 5 level increments is that we always want to keep our levels relatively even. In the next paragraph I will explain how to get your magic level up.

The best way to get your magic level up is to fight lesser demons. Now this type of demon is a very high level so the only way to fight them is to have one that won’t attack you. The only place where one won’t attack you is in the wizard’s tower where one is behind bars. Now attack this monster time after time until you reach 5 magic levels up. Then go on to the second to last step.

In this paragraph I will teach you how to get your archery level up. The easiest way to level up in archery is to attack low level scorpions. Go to the desert east of Lumbridge and go to the top of the scorpion pit. Attack scorpions until you have gained 5 levels in archery. Continue to the final step to learn how to level up your prayer.

To level up your prayer all you need to do is collect the bones from all of the monsters you kill and bury them. So whatever you do bury all of your bones. In turn if you complete the whole process your prayer will level up an average of 5 times. This method is an easy way to level up in prayer.

Now that you have learned how to level up attack defense etc. the combat leveling up will come naturally. Thank you for reading this article and I hope it helps you allot.

Ten Amazing Role Playing Games for Console and PC

Role Playing Games, or RPGs for short, are some of the most addicting games to play, be it on consoles like the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, or on the PC. Most RPGs are set in fantasy worlds, but many new games have been in sci-fi or alternative reality settings. Check out these top ten RPGs today!
Kingdom Hearts (Series)
Kingdom Hearts is one game that truly puzzles me. Few gamers would expect a hardcore RPG gaming community to accept, nay, embrace a role playing game with Disney characters. Still, Kingdom Hearts is undeniably one of the more popular RPGs for console fans, complete with a excellent story that keeps players coming back for more.

The Legend of Zelda (Series)
Who hasn’t heard of Zelda (and Link)? This scrappy elfish character has been the hero of Nintendo RPG fans since the early days of gaming. Most memorable for me was the Legend of Zelda game for Nintendo 64, with excellent graphics (for its time) and wonderful, innovative gameplay.

Diablo (Series)
Blizzard is perhaps best known for its blockbuster hit, World of Warcraft, and, amongst RTS fans, for Starcraft (1 amp;2). Still, hardcore PC gamers all know about the Diablo series of PC RPGs Some have called them a “clickfest”, but dedicated fans will eagerly clamor to support the Diablo games. Much darker in setting than most console rpgs, the Diablo series features a more Tolkien or Warhamer-style of dark, medieval series.

Mass Effect (1 amp; 2)
Bioware, the producer of the Mass Effect games, have created an excellent set of RPGs. The Mass Effect games are set in a hardcore, sci-fi universe and follow the exploits of Colonel Shepherd and his specialized crew.

Fallout 3
The Fallout series of games is one with an immense following and the transition to a new developer for Fallout 3 led to much consternation. However, Fallout 3 turned out to be an excellent game and a favorite of many PC gamers. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, Fallout 3 follows a character emerging from the vaults, a series of forts protecting the inhabitants

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Oblivion was also made by Bethesda, the same company behind Fallout 3. Oblivion, originally for PC, was one of my favorite PC RPGs of all time. The graphics were outstanding, the quests challenging, and the dungeon exploration enthralling. Definitely one to check out!

Chrono Trigger
Chrono Trigger is one of the most famous console RPGs of all time. Original versions of the game still sell for large amounts of money on eBay and in select game stores. Released for the Super NES in 1995, Chrono Trigger received rave reviews and stands as one of the original classics in RPG gaming.

Final Fantasy (Series)
Just about every RPG gamer has heard of the popular Final Fantasy series, by Square Enix. The series has also spawned a series of spin-off games, including the awesome Final Fantasy Tactics (I loved the one for GBA, played over 100 hours on it!) and an MMORPG. The series is ever evolving, adding new characters and stories in every new game.

Pokemon (Series)
Pokemon is one of those games that just won’t fade away. Originally released for the Gameboy, it has since evolved into a huge array of different games, all set around characters capturing, training and battling with their Pokemon monsters. Pikachu, I choose you!

Ultima (Series)
Ultima has faded from many gamers memories, but it still stands as one of the top RPG series for PC games, albeit many years ago. It is still alive in the form of Ultima Online, but hasn’t changed much since then. Still, the huge number of games released under the Ultima banner, and the importance of the series for the PC market remains astounding.

Diablo III Servers Fail on Launch

Diablo III – a highly anticipated game, created by the Blizzard, the same game company that created the highly renowned World of Warcraft – has some issues on it’s first day – the servers are down, and even when they come up for what seems momentarily, they crash.
It has been over a decade since the release of the last game in the series, Diablo II, which was released in June of 2000, but that couldn’t prepare the company for the overflow of gamers seeking a new addiction and the feeling of video game nostalgia.

Many players are reporting that they’ve gotten some play time in. However, as it is the day of release, and many gamers are coming home from school and work around these times, the servers are most likely flooded from fellow gamers from logging on.

Some gamers state they can’t get on at all, while some have been able to get in some game time. I, personally, have been able to log in for a total of 5 minutes or so – just enough to create a character. Once i got passed that screen, I got the option to start my story. With a smile equipped on my face, I hastily pushed the “Start Game” button, only to receive an error. The error stated that I my online game configuration wasn’t allowing me to join a game, since none could be found. I tried a few more times, searched through the menus looking for such an option, checked my account for such options, but I came up empty with answers. The error in question? Error 317002.

At this point in time, myself and other gamers are becoming antsy as the server problems are rectified.

In order to check server status without logging in, gamers can check the following website:

The aforementioned website checks the status for all servers: Americas, Europe and Asia, and even checks the Auction House servers, too.

However, to put it in perspective, gamers waiting for this high anticipated game have been waiting well over a decade for this installment, so waiting a little bit longer isn’t so bad overall. Hopefully such server problems are ironed out, and don’t become a consistent issue.

Aside from the error reported in this article (Error 317002), there are an array of other errors that other gamers are getting when attempting to play Diablo III. For the best results to rectify these issues, or understand them, a simply search on a search engine can shed some light on the issue.